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Title: World Needs Better Socializing
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The Internet is helping socializing a lot, but there are a lot of improvements that need to be made, for example, for: dating; friendship; sex; business; politics; etc.

1. Dating: Conventional dating means meeting potential partners in high school or college or at local bars, clubs, churches etc. College makes it easier to find more compatible people in shared classes etc, but it's expensive to go to college and usually doesn't pay. Churches can help a little and are cheap or free, but they're usually boring. Online dating helps a few people, the younger and more attractive ones mainly.

2. Friendship: High school, college, churches, work, meetups etc help young people meet others for friendship, but few are very compatible. Friendships can lead to dating and various kinds of partnership. Online social media help some people become friends, but usually only online, which isn't very fulfilling.

3. Business: We can refer to both for-profit and non-profit endeavors as business. People often want partners to go into either kind of business with. They need someone who's trustworthy and responsible. Society is still not of much help for most people in this regard, except for the super-rich.

4. Political Activism: Conventional politics is largely overwhelmed by corruption from the rich and greedy. The common people need better ways to come together to promote their own interests, instead of letting the rich have most of the power.

A business or non-profit might be of help to find solutions for all of these sorts of socializing. Let's consider a potential business plan for such an endeavor.
Title: Non-profit Business Plan
Post by: Admin on February 02, 2016, 12:25:24 pm
Non-profit Business Plan

Goal: Improve Socializing Worldwide
Tangible Goals:
1. Start a Non-profit Business with this goal
2. Start franchises/chapters in major cities
3. Organize local & online events for ambitious, humanitarian people & introduce them to each other
4. Organize local & online other events for other people & introduce them too
5. Measure how effective conventional socializing is, how much our efforts improve socializing & seek to improve our efforts

Personal goals: Get a compatible woman companion/partner
Get business partners
Share leadership of non-profit business